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If you truly enjoy what you hear on public radio KCEP-FM make a donation to sustain this station and all that we offer!

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Why Donate

Power 88 is your community station, and has been since 1972. We want to keep it that way. Power 88 provides you with the news, information and entertainment you want, 24/7– and that takes money. Your financial donation is vital to our budget, so check out the level you can afford and pledge now!

Q: Why should I support public radio & KCEP FM especially?
A: Support from donors who value public radio is essential to KCEP’s long-term financial health and to the fulfillment the mission of public radio as a whole “to create a more informed public-one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding of events, ideas, and cultures.” This is true, given KCEP’s unique programming format and funding structure.

Q: How do I determine what level I should give?
A: For each listener, only one consideration matters: the value to you of Power 88’s service. Suggested levels and methods of payment should simply serve as a guide for each listener’s personal decision. We gratefully accept and appreciate any amount of support.

Membership & Underwriting
To maintain the fiscal health and security of public broadcasting, the federal government has consistently encouraged public radio and television to solicit funds from businesses, requiring that all such underwriters be acknowledged on air. Today, more than 300 businesses across Southern Nevada contribute to Power 88 radio’s budget. In return, business underwriters receive acknowledgements that are strictly limited in both tone and content to match the expectations of our listeners.


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A community service of EOB, KCEP-FM provides more than 150,000 listeners each week an eclectic blend of hip hop and R&B, locally produced public affairs programming and cultural programs. The station broadcasts throughout the Las Vegas Valley on its frequency of 88.1 FM. As a member-supported, non-commercial station, KCEP is proud to be an National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate station.

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