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Yup, I wore flip-flops to the rodeo...

Yup, I wore flip-flops to the rodeo…

So the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ has to come to pass in my life. Before I started this blog I didn’t know what I was going to write about. I mean I did stuff, but I didn’t feel like I had enough things to talk about to keep anyone interested in the ‘Vegas Soulcialite’. I’m a long haul type of girl.

Well looky here, I have been so busy doing stuff I haven’ had time to tell you about all the nonsense I’ve encountered. I can’t believe I have almost two weeks worth fun to gab with you about… So, I apologize and will try to do a better job of keeping up.

Most of the stuff I did/saw/experienced was at the tail end; so it wasn’t anything I could encourage you to do, at least not until it comes around again anyway.

So first we are going to do a weekend wrap up of last week and then, fingers crossed, I will have another one for you tomorrow.

Okay, enough lollygagging, let’s get on with it!

My friend Downtown Steve is a real mover and shaker–and a great real estate agent. You will probably see his name many times on this blog because he is one of my favorite people to hang out with, plus he is a fellow downtowner (obviously). Over the weekend Steve and I were pretty much joined at the hip.


I may be just a bit biased but I feel like I live in one of the best neighborhoods in all of Vegas. We look out for each other in our ‘hood, support neighborhood business ventures, we keep up with everyone’s accomplishments, gather and celebrate as often as we can and best of all No HOA’s!

One such shin-dig is our monthly movie in park series. We kicked it off this year with the family friendly “Pew-Wee’s Big Adventure”. We even had the local impersonator drop by to get us in the 80’s mood.


Me and PeeWee aka Drew Lepkowski.

Me and PeeWee aka Drew Lepkowski.


This month’s selection was “The Great Gatsby”<–not this one, but the 1970’s version. To my chagrin, there wasn’t a Robert Redford impersonator there to get us in the mood (insert sad face). Nonetheless, it was a blast. Everyone dressed in prohibition era garb and played bocce ball and croquet on the lawn. I’ve seen ‘Gatsby’ a few times but it was Steve’s first time…I think he liked it. The acting is over the top but that’s kind of how they did stuff back then. What I love about the movie is the lesson on karma and how one person’s deception can cause another’s demise. It’s a good lesson to take to heart.

Downtown Steve is the Great Gatsby!

Downtown Steve is the Great Gatsby!

Next month’s selection will be a Clint Eastwood western…should be interesting, especially if I can find a cute cowboy hat and my daisy dukes. These events are open to everyone, so come hang at the Huntridge Circle Park with us.


Surprisingly, Steve hadn’t tired of my company from the night before and had room in his little red convertible, so he had the honor of taking me to my very first rodeo. So with the top down, scarf tied around the curls and my Jackie O glasses on, we hit the road.

The Clark County Fair Grounds are pretty much out in the sticks otherwise known as Logandale–about a 50 minute drive from downtown Las Vegas. It was worth it though, the food was great. Better than great, I was in fat girl heaven. I ate roasted corn-on-the-cob covered in butter and spicy Mexican salt, spicy sausage and pepper sandwiches and drank a LOT of beer. Hey, when in Rome…

However, as cool as it sounds to be a cowgirl, baby; I can’t say I cared much for the rodeo itself. It seems mean to let little calves loose and then chase them down, grab them by their horns and tie them up. How is that fun, especially for the little cow? Again, it seems like an unfair ‘sport’. It’s certainly not my native city girl culture, so maybe I just don’t get it. Besides, manure just isn’t my scent.

He doesn't look like he's having fun at all...

He doesn’t look like he’s having fun at all…

Him either...

Him either…

Either way, I would go again—if only for the food. Of course there are rides but I didn’t get on any because again, I drank a LOT of beer and that just didn’t seem like a good idea.

Driving back to civilization Steve got a call to come check out a concert on the Strip. A vintage Pop/Ska/2-tone band from London called “The Selector” was playing at the Hard Rock on the Strip. So once again, off we went to listen to some island sounds.

I wasn’t familiar with the band but I really enjoyed their energy. They seemed to love what they were doing and I always love musicians who have so much passion for their craft. I was especially impressed when I found out the lead singer, Pauline Black was 59. I hope I still feel that passion for my craft and can exude that much energy at her age. There seemed to be a special dance for their music, something I was very unfamiliar with but I will try my best to describe it. Imagine a tribal-like Smurf dance with lots of hunched over kicking in a circle around an imaginary fire pit…then throw in some air punching. Did you get all that?

Have you ever in your life seen a man sweat through a suit like that? He was putting in some work.

Have you ever in your life seen a man sweat through a suit like that? He was putting in some work.


Again, she is almost 60 years old...

Again, she is almost 60 years old…

I felt very left out that I didn’t know these ‘moves’ but at the same time relieved my beer buzz had worn off so I didn’t get the urge to join in–Thank goodness for small miracles.

My night and very eclectic weekend ended well after 2 am. My feet hurt, and Monday was for sure a *cheeseburger morning– but it was so worth it.


*Cheeseburger=The best hangover cure.

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