The Vegas Soulcialite Meets Her First Playboy Playmate

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Ann Martinez, the star singer of Pin Up and I after her show on Friday.

Ann Martinez, the star singer of Pin Up and I after her show on Friday.


I finally had the chance to see the Stratosphere Hotel’s newest residency show, ‘Pin Up’ last Friday night.

It’s a retro burlesque-style show, which is pretty common for Vegas right now (well, always). You know, pretty girls in tight corsets and garter belts with 1940’s style swooped up hair and pouty red lips.

This one takes you on a journey through every month in the year with a different song and dance routine to match the seasons and holidays.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, I’d read about the bumpy start, including cast changes, and some behind the scenes drama the show experienced when it first opened back March or April. Even last Friday I was told they’re still making minor changes and tweaking the show, which isn’t bad a thing.

The music was good, a mix of old and new songs that most people will recognize and sing along to. I really loved the singer in the show, Ann Martinez. She has a beautiful voice and a great stage presence. Small in stature, but there’s a lot of power being pushed out of those lungs. Martinez carries herself with that old-school poise and charm like she belonged there—her second home; which made sense after I found out she has been in the business since elementary school.

The show’s main feature performer is a former Playboy centerfold and playmate of the year (2011) Claire Sinclair. She doesn’t really do anything–and I mean that in the nicest, most honest way. She doesn’t sing or dance and her banter with the audience felt a little bit forced. I think she’s there because of who she is and she’s nice to look at. And she is beautiful, with boobs most girls would kill for and she’s very nice…she had no problem stopping to take pictures with fans on the way up to our after party at the top of the Stratosphere and genuinely seemed interested in their conversations and all that is great, but it doesn’t do much on a stage… 

I loved the ‘Take Me Out of the Ball Game’ routine where the band’s drummer (Rick Faugno) brings his sticks front and center and directly challenges one of dancers, who tries to keep up with his drags and paradiddles with her fast feet—it doesn’t happen, but I think we are supposed to believe she won because she wiggled her derrière and did the Betty Boop giggle. 

The ‘Halloween’ scene was pretty cool too. I’m still trying to figure out how Sinclair made the hot guy appear out of the bubbling cauldron. I could really use that trick at home…

The show has sex appeal, but it isn’t dirty and there isn’t any nudity, so you can take your aunt/mom/grandfather and not be embarrassed or uncomfortable.

All in all I really liked the show, the band is excellent, the dancers were top notch, and again Ann Martinez is a great performer and one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time. She actually has some exciting things coming up herself with another one of my favorite Vegas performers Savannah Smith. I can’t wait to see both these ladies perform together, I have the feeling it will be epic.

The show goes best with an extra dirty martini or an old fashioned…very classy, indeed.



Pin Up plays Thursday-Monday nights at 10:30pm. 21 and up only. Tickets start at $49.99.

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