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Very impressive, indeed.

Very impressive, indeed.


We are known for our over the top shows; bright lights, full bands and orchestras, feathers and dancers, aerialists flying through the air and acrobats tumbling across the stage. Everyone in Vegas, locals and tourists alike expect to be amazed.

But just like any other job the workers can get bored with the same ‘ole-same ‘ole. Imagine having to flip and fly through the air 5-6 days a week!

Jump and flip to this pole.

Fly (gracefully) off the stage on the count of 3.

Hit your mark, spin, then catch the girl.

Sheesh! Those Cirque performers could probably do most of their acts in their sleep! Boring!

Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound so monotonous to those of us who work with our feet firmly planted on the ground, but just like those of us doing what we love–or at least some variation of it, they still have a need to stretch their talents and a desire keep their creative juices flowing.

We all need to remember why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place. For the love of ____<—(insert your heart’s passion here).

Over the past week I’ve met more than a few of these artists and had the opportunity to see them perform their own original dances, comedy, dramas, etc…it has been a wonderfully inspiring experience.

Shows rarely start early—remember these are after work projects and most shows on the strip don’t start until 7 or 10 pm.

Last Wednesday…well Thursday if I’m being technical about it, I headed over to the Baobab Theater a little after midnight for the ‘Ok, Ok! Amos Glick Variety Show’Amos is a clown in Le Reve by day, however, his show is a hodge-podge of acts including, but never limited to: interpretive dance, a somewhat perverted balloon making comedian, juggling, a mime performance, and a step percussion group that goes by the name of Molodi.

It was all very cool to watch, I really was amazed…It felt less like a show and more like I was hanging out in the basement with friends after work having a few drinks and watching them mess around.  Everything wasn’t planned or perfect but that was a part of the fun. Things dropped, beer overflowed, the audience laughed, the performers laughed and everyone had a great time.

The show doesn’t have a regular schedule but you can keep up with them on Facebook.

Everyone loves a funny mime.

Everyone loves a funny mime.



Molodi just happens to be performing again tonight at a normal time (8pm) on the Baobab stage. So I’m super excited to get a chance to see their ‘complete experiment in body percussion’ so soon after being introduced to them. Don’t worry an interview and full review to come later this week.

By the way, if you’re in Town Square around 4pm today you may see their flash mob performance as well…and you might just see me join in. Well, maybe.  Update: Flash mob has been cancelled…I will let you know if they reschedule.


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