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The Outlaw Burger

We have more than 300 sunny days and warm nights here in the desert, but for some reason the words barbeque and Las Vegas just don’t mix. It really is hard to find good ‘que in this town.

You would think it would be easy with all the southern transplants—I believe most of the southern immigrants must have had to leave their recipes and secrets at the Nevada state border.

However, my friend Downtown Steve recently told me he found the best barbeque in all of Las Vegas. My first thought was “that couldn’t have been too hard, most of the places here are Lame.” <— notice the capital ‘L’.

Even though I was skeptical I was still uber excited to give it a try.

So we headed on over to Highland Street so I could taste Rollin Smoke Barbeque for myself. First, for you locals, I know you’re wondering where the heck is Highland? It’s the street the runs alongside the 15 with all the umm, ‘gentleman’s clubs’.

Anyhoo, it’s a small and out of the way and that adds to its charm…though, I do wish it was downtown.

I ordered the trio platter, which comes with a choice of 3 different types of meat and a side item. I love that I can have that much variety without it being a ‘special order’, because sometimes you don’t just want chicken or ribs or sausage  you want it all. Anyhoo, I had ribs, chicken and pulled pork with a side of fried okra. D.S had the ‘Outlaw Burger’, a big giant burger topped with all kinds of nonsense. (I ate half of it)

The meat was very tender and the sauce is nice and has just the right amount of kick to it. I really, really liked the fried okra and the jalapeño coleslaw was tasty–especially when I mixed it with my pulled pork and piled it on  my toasted dinner roll. Best believe I will return to taste the other side dishes, especially the baked beans and the mac-n-cheese… Overall, I didn’t want to slap my mama, but it was better than every other place I’ve been to in Vegas.

The Trio $13

I should have been full by now and really I was…however, I had to try the desserts–if only for you, my readers.  The selection isn’t large but they do have your southern staples including peach cobbler and banana pudding. D.S wanted the pudding because the gentlemen who took our order said he just finished making it. Let me start by saying, I don’t like banana pudding…I would never order it, and almost always turn it down at someone’s house. If I am forced, I mean offered some, I usually just eat the cookies, but this stuff was really good—I even ate the banana slices, which is really saying something.

They don’t serve booze, but the ice tea is good…

Prices average $7-$28.

So finally, some old fashioned, down home barbeque in Las Vegas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s about dang time.



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