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RonReaco Lee and I backstage at the awards show.

RonReaco Lee and I backstage at the Neighborhood Awards show at MGM Grand Las Vegas. Photo courtesy: Terry Shropshire

So the Hoodie Awards made it’s appearance in Las Vegas for the 12th time earlier this month, and it was my 3rd time covering. This time they came bearing a new name, The ‘Neighborhood Awards’.

Last year Steve Harvey said the reason for the name change had to do with sponsorship. He of course wants to make it bigger and better every year, and maybe the name ‘hoodie’ turns some larger companies off? He already has Ford, State Farm, Wal-Mart, AARP and many other sponsors so my only assumption is that he wants the show to be televised.

For those unfamiliar:

“The show honors local businesses, religious/neighborhood leaders, churches, and high schools for their contributions as well as excellence within their own neighborhoods. This award show is best described as the Oscars with an urban flair. The Neighborhood Awards features a diverse and ultra talented group of celebrities, actors, athletes, and recording artists who present 12 non-traditional awards to the stars of our neighborhood.”

The principal of Cass Technical High School and Phylicia Rashād backstage after just winning for 'Best High School'

The principal of Cass Technical High School and Phylicia Rashād backstage after just winning for ‘Best High School’

It’s never been televised, but honestly if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see the show, then you know it would have to be watered down (a lot) in order to make it to T.V. It always runs over the allotted time by at least 30 minutes and Steve is not one to watch his mouth when he’s talking. Not that I would want him to.

It’s rumored that this was Las Vegas’ last year hosting the event that brings thousands of people, mostly Black to our little city in the desert. I haven’t received confirmation on that rumor, but it would be a shame if it’s moved somewhere else. I don’t think any other city can handle the yearly pilgrimage of so many people at once and have so many places in such close proximity to host the 3-day weekend event. With the white party/concert, the live broadcast, the golf tournament, blue carpet and awards show and the beach party all in different locations, mostly within walking distance—where else can you do that?

For the Las Vegas Strip it means the loss of a lot of money—which no one wants. Then again, maybe if the event doesn’t return certain powers that be will realize the power and importance of the Black dollar…Maybe?

Shemar Moore chatting it up on the blue carpet with Rolling Out Magazine's Terry Shropshire.

Shemar Moore chatting it up on the blue carpet with Rolling Out Magazine’s Terry Shropshire.

Most Vegas locals don’t know about or make it a point to attend the events, mainly because Steve’s show isn’t broadcasted in the state and it’s not widely advertised as an event to attend, but this year we had more locals than I’ve ever seen hanging out and showcasing their businesses.

I think it would be fun if we had Steve Harvey’s show on during the morning commute, but that would also take away from our local morning shows. Besides, it wouldn’t be live anyway, due to the 3 hour time difference with the east coast–so maybe not.

For me it would mean seeing some of my favorite stars come into town less often. RonReaco Lee, Shemar Moore, Sheryl Underwood, KEM and Anthony Hamilton…C’mon, Steve these folks are just starting to remember me…sigh.

By the way, Cass Technical High School–one of the best high schools in the country and located in my hometown of Detroit, won for best high school for the 5th time! I’m always excited when Detroit is well represented.


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