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The ‘Sidecar’, my favorite at the Lady Silvia…

I love a sexy man. But what makes a man “sexy”? His walk, his smile, his arms, maybe his conversation…the way he dresses?

It’s really a mixture of all of those, but one of the first things we notice is what he’s wearing. I for one don’t like the baggy jeans, snapback hats and jersey style.  Nothing wrong with it, but I’m over thirty, and I want my man to dress like he is too.

There are a few really, I mean really well-dressed men in Vegas and I happen to know most of them well. One in particular is Ronald Smith. Ronald is a professional clothier, meaning he dresses men for a living. More accurately, he carefully styles and helps them choose custom made, custom fit items.

So I asked his expertise on what he thought made a man sexy and why it seems like so many men have forgot how to dress.

A lot of men are looking like “sheep in a herd” according to Ronald. All wearing the same flashy jeans, hard bottom shoes, untucked button down shirts… “I suggest for men to break the course of action…Just be a little bit different than the rest.”

The always classy Ronald Smith

The always classy Ronald Smith

Ronald is, hands down one of the best dressers in Las Vegas. I’ve tried to talk him into hosting a workshop, but he says that would be one expensive class… We had a pretty intense conversation about why men seem to not know how to dress appropriately for various occasions, and I plan to write more about that at a later date.

So for those who can’t afford his services, your next bet is to hang out with him and hope some of his classiness rubs off on you or your not-so-well-dressed-man.

He hosts ‘Well-Suited Wednesday’s” once a month at the Lady Silvia downtown. It is a lovely affair, very sophisticated–but not stuffy…it’s a good time with grown-ups having great conversation over well made drinks.

My friend Tracy and I on another night at the Lady Silvia.

I’m getting ready to head up there soon. Hope to see you there.

Well-Suited Wednesday is every 3rd wednesday from 5pm -8pm.

The Lady Silvia is located 900 Las Vegas Blvd 89101 inside The Soho Building.



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