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Pizza Sliders from Pizza Hut an #EpicFail

Pizza Sliders from Pizza Hut an #EpicFail

I ordered pizza for me and my mini-me’s because cooking was just not an option. I’m finding that to be a running theme in my life. I will ponder that more over tonight’s to-go order.

Pizza Hut is my usual go-to pizza spot because I love their crust and toppings. I like my pizza full and heavy, like a meal in itself.  Sausage, onion, green peppers, olives, ham–just about everything piled on a thick crust. ** Watch out, the inner fat girl is trying to escape, again**

Anyhoo, when I logged on to their website I noticed a special offer for their new slider pizzas. For $10 you get 9 mini pizzas with 3 toppings each. Seemed like a good idea, something a little different that would please everyone.


It tasted like bad public school lunch. Biting into the crust instantly transported me to the pale green room full of folding benches and Styrofoam trays that was my 7th grade cafeteria. The texture mimicked the frozen things you’re forced into at pit stop gas stations while on road trips with people you don’t really like… I contemplated calling the delivery boy to have him pick the mini disappointments back up in exchange for my usual large super supreme pie.  The only reason it stayed was so I could gauge how the kids felt about it and, honestly because I knew I could write about it. One positive: It did pair well with my 2 buck chuck a.k.a ‘two-fifty-thrifty’ since the price went up.

Side note: The kids liked it—but that really doesn’t say much. Honestly, they’ll eat almost everything.



T"ha Color Run" gangsta style w/ my girl C-dog (okay, no not really)

“Tha Color Run” gangsta style w/ my girl C-dog (okay, no not really)


I ran—well, power walked my first 5k on Saturday. The Color Run is the self-proclaimed “Happiest 5K on Earth” and I would have to agree. I’ve never seen so many excited and downright giddy people ready to exercise. Thousands of people lined Las Vegas Blvd in their white shirts and goofy attire (wigs, legwarmers, tutus, Dr, Seuss hats, etc.) ready to run and be drenched in a skittle-esque powder at every kilometer or so through the streets of downtown. The rainbow tasted nothing like I expected, maybe because the powder consisted mostly of corn starch–yuck.

Nonetheless, one of the upsides (and there are many) to living downtown is that the race basically ran through my neighborhood and past my house. So traffic, parking or being forced to use a port-o potty is never an issue.

The race benefited Three Square Food Bank and was sponsored by Zappos <–downtown’s savior  and Chevy Spark <–America’s newest mini car. I really don’t know how long it took me to finish–it’s not timed anyway but, my performance was hindered by my left tube sock and its lack of elasticity. However, the finish line was the start of the real party; live music, dancing, games, more color and most importantly carne asada fries awaited every runner. I have to say, I had a freakin’ blast and can’t wait to do it again next year in new high-performance socks and an even sexier fanny pack.




Beyonce gives the world a peek at Blue Ivy's face.

Beyonce gives the world a peek at Blue Ivy’s face.

Well technically, Saturday night after I slept the rest of the day away recovering from all that exercise and high calorie food, I watched HBO’s new documentary:Beyonce Life Is But a Dream”.

I thought of making this a post all its own but really, I’m not that big a Bey fan, so that seemed a bit much. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a talented woman and an inspiration to any woman wanting to run the world…but most of her music is too cluttered with background vocals and instruments for me.

Back to the point, I won’t give it away–not that she really gave much away in the 90 minute ‘documentary’. If you’re a fan then you probably already knew everything she ‘revealed’.  What I really like about it is that she stays true to herself. She and her husband are private people and they make no apologies about it. I respect that. It is none of our business what she eats for breakfast, what her daughter’s favorite toy is or what her and Jay-Z talk about. Beyonce seems to have used Ms. Jackson’s Control as a life and career mantra and I ain’t mad at her.

I was really disturbed that after immediately finishing the documentary, I see a Facebook post asking if she finally proved to the world that she gave birth to Blue Ivy. WTF, no, I mean really, W.T.F.??? Some had nerve enough to say she hadn’t and I just shook my head. I know there’s been talk but do people really want her to prove it?  Should she have shown us little Blue emerging from her dilated vagina, placenta and all?

If she made this video to prove anything at all to anyone, then I’m disappointed in Mrs. Carter.

Beyonce’s job is to sing and dance. Let her do that and go home to her family like the rest of us.



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