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The Vegas Soulcialite’s Weekend Wrap-up

  Friday: I ordered pizza for me and my mini-me’s because cooking was just not an option. I’m finding that to be a running theme in my life. I will ponder that more over tonight’s to-go order. Pizza Hut is my usual go-to pizza spot because I love their crust and toppings. I like my pizza full and heavy, like a meal in itself.  Sausage, onion, green peppers, olives, ham–just about everything piled on a thick crust. ** Watch out, [ ... ]

Sneak Peak of Las Vegas in 2013!

What makes Las Vegas unique among other cities in the United States? It is the attractions and here are some more reasons to come to the desert of Las Vegas in 2013… Lied Discovery Children’s Museum The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum will close in February 2013 and reopen in a new location next door to the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in March or April of 2013. Michael Jackson Attraction   A Michael Jackson themed attraction will open at [ ... ]