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I moved to Las Vegas from Detroit and like most other ‘Midwest expats’ I had no idea exactly what I was getting myself into. Over the past five years I have learned the good, the bad and the ugly history of this town. The city has been a place of self-discovery; it’s tested my patience, wisdom and life goals. Basically the game changed when I moved here.

Over the course of this column—however long that is, I will share with you my life under the neon lights. The people I meet, the places I go, and the lessons I learn. I have met some wonderful people and have had the time of my life with them, and I want you to meet them too.

The major news outlets all report on Las Vegas, but none of them will do it quite like me or just for you.

My perspective will be your perspective—with an added bit of snark.

From the moment I moved to Vegas I loved the weather, yes even the 115 degree summers are okay with me. The fact that I can wear flip-flops 10 months out of the year negates all, well most of the negative issues one has with desert living.

Most locals claim to detest The Strip. I don’t know if I believe that or if it’s just the local thing to say. Because I don’t hate it, I love it. I love the lights and never-ending party at every night and day spot. I love that everyone I know at some point will come to visit this city (and have somewhere to stay that’s not on my couch).

Don’t worry, I plan to see it all and tell you about it. Because there are annoying things about the Strip as well as the rest of the valley and I will write about them too. You’ll figure out real fast that I’m not afraid to tell it like it is.

But above all I hope to inspire you to come out and play, not just downtown or on the Strip but wherever the party is I want you to be there, and I want you to say hi if you see me.  Everything is more fun with friends.


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