LV Metro Police Department – Review or Not To Review?

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Review or not to review: that’s not the question – why the Police won’t participate is the question?

Currently the leadership of the Metro’s Union is endorsing a policy of non-compliance when it comes to anything about the newly proposed changes (to include an ombudsman) to the coroner’s process.  Sheriff Gillespie appears to be without and control over his officers to enforce any compliance on this matter also. Our newly elected DA Mr. Wolfson also seems to have forgotten his promises prior his election “That I want to see changes”.  Right now there is a backlog of over twenty (20) officer involved shooting (O I S) yet to be reviewed since there is no process in place. County Commissioners are split over what to do and that means nothing is getting done since no direction is provided by law.

MetroQuestion is what would happen to you; when your job is having a meeting about your performance and you are asked appear for a meeting?  Your response or lack of it means your noncompliance in the process. What would be the result of your employment?  Simply put envision when you are pulled over, your non-compliance to the officers request, try to say no to a breath-o-lizer.  It results in your arrest; moreover it’s an admission of guilt in the eyes of the law.Metro2

You would think Metro wants the best individuals enforcing policy and keeping of the citizens of Las Vegas safe. Metro itself is aware it has issues, since the leadership has inquired for reviews by an outside agency. One of the finding indicates the review of O I S is long overdue. Without proper checks and balances in any system allows for abuse and mistakes to go under corrected. Those lapses either malicious or unintended deserve examination. The largest part of the job is having the respect of those they protect and serve. By making the process more informative for all parties would foster that belief.

Are Officers above the law?  Today in Clark County it appears they are!


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