Like It Is Radio!

To provide programing that enlightens and connects Las Vegas to the larger Black Diaspora. This weekly show allows dialogues between leaders and our small Power 88 village. Recent guests have ranged from Dr. Frances Crest Wellsing MD to Hall of Fame Director Mr. Bill Duke, also including our current first elected Black Congressman Steve Horsford (D) of Nevada. Personalities from the Nation of Islam, Greek organizations, veterans, and the business community appear regularly.

“Like it is radio” strives to encourage and create an atmosphere where candid views of the community at large are exchanged. Hot button issues from: Gay marriage, Black republicans, and low graduation rate, high crime also police oversight issues and of course politics.

My direct responsibility as host is to bring together listeners with information in an entertaining method. Sometimes there may be “some furniture moving” but as a family we still grow from these disagreements by having a discussion.

In conclusion “Like it is radio” is the second half of the “Blackest hour in radio” here in Las Vegas!  Power 88 FM allows this time to familiarize or acquaint listeners with subjects that are often overlooked or lack certain diversity in its interpretation.

Tune into Like It Is Radio Show – Friday, 9:30 a.m. on KCEP-FM 88.1
Online Stream:

Hosted By Franklyn G.Franklyn G.

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