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In radio, advertising and underwriting are avenues for corporate sponsors to get their message out using a station’s airwaves. At KCEP, we make a distinction between underwriting and advertising. Underwriting is more a mutually beneficial partnership, whereas advertising allows a sponsor to plant a specifically crafted message at a specific time.

KCEP follows the guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure our underwriting messages are clear, concise, and pleasing to the ears. The FCC guidelines dictate all public radio stations must use underwriting language that follows these rules

1) No calls to action: “Call now!”; “Come on down!” or phrases inducing people to buy products.
2) No mention of prices: Any quotes of price, discounts or sale information.
3) No superlatives or promotional language: “It’s the best,” “Most reliable,” or other qualitative
descriptors, either positive or negative. Underwriters have the option of placing their message during prerecorded shows in the morning, during live DJ show in the afternoon and night, or both! We typically schedule one time slot per hour.

The Message:

In a 15 to 30 second scale, an underwritten message may include a partner’s:

  • Location
  • Services
  • Business events (grand openings, relocation information, etc.)
  • Slogans
  • Contact information:
  • Websites, phone numbers, etc.

However – this list is not exhaustive. KCEP aim is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible: we will include almost any message content if it does not violate our FCC regulations.


Increase Your Business Reach!

Your underwriting mentions on KCEP can reach 150,000 weekly listeners, at an affordable rate! Start building your business today. Get your message to an ethnically diverse cross-section of the Las Vegas radio listening audience, ready and willing to support you and your business!


Reach An Adult Market

KCEP has a fresh R&B/Old School mix and intelligent news and talk programming from NPR and AURN attracts an upscale, adult, professional audience that typically earns more than $70,000 per household.

KCEP listeners trust us to provide them the latest in arts, entertainment and culture. We deliver for them, and we can deliver for you as well!

With your company’s underwriting support on KCEP, you may choose to receive on-air acknowledgments of your company’s underwriting support during a specific program or time range … or you may choose to have a portion of your acknowledgements rotated throughout the week, allowing your acknowledgement to be heard by a number of different audiences.

Underwriting is available on a per-mention basis. KCEP is pleased to customize your underwriting to your company’s needs and budget.

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