Dr. Runoko Rashidi

City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs, West Las Vegas Center, NIA Productions, Our Own Voices, Las Vegas Sentinel Vocie, Clark County Democratic Caucus & “LikeItIsRadio.Com” present:

Dr. Runoko Rashidi
“History is a light that illuminates the past, and a key that unlocks the door to the furutre”

This event is the first in a proposed series by Nia Productions to enlighten and connect Las Vegas to the larger black diaspora and provide events that bring activities to Historical West Las Vegas. Dr. Rashidi has authored: “Introduction to the study of African classical civilizations,” “The global African community: The African presence in Asia, ” “Austrialia and the South Pacific” and has edited along with Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, “The African presence in early Asia” which is considered the most comprehensive volume on the subject yet produced by anyone in the field.

Dr. Rashidi believes thathis main mission in life is to “help make Africans proud of themselves, to help change the way Africa has been viewed in the world and to help reunite a family of people that has been separtaed far too long. ”

More information, please call 702-229-4800 or visit www.artslasvegas.org

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