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KCEP continues to commit air time to other non-profit organizations so that our growing audience will be informed of local endeavors to improve our community. Last year KCEP dedicated over 200 hours to interviewing local non profits and public affairs programming with a distinctly local focus. Additionally, KCEP broadcasts 35 public service announcements every day. When you underwrite with KCEP, you are helping dozens of worthy non-profits get their message out.


  • 89% of our listeners patronize our underwriters
  • Listeners’ average age: 35 to 54
  • Average combined household income:
    $55 ,000–65,000
  • 57% male / 43% femaleKCEP currently has nearly 1000 members, (adding about 250 new members a year) more than 100 volunteers and over 165 underwriters. We estimate our listenership at 100,000 to 150,000. That’s a lot of motivated and appreciative potential customers!

Public Radio KCEP’s Media Kit

Please contact a KCEP Underwriter at (702) 648.0104 or fill out the form below to obtain a current radio media kit including program information, demographics, etc.

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Underwriting Opportunities Available

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We look forward to sharing the exciting opportunities that are available to you and your business right down the street and right down the dial at 88.1 FM


KCEP seeks to provide our community with alternative music programming not otherwise available. R&B, Jazz, Gospel, blues and reggae and community programming make KCEP’s programming the most eclectic and interesting in the valley (or just about anywhere else, for that matter).

Public Radio KCEP’s Media Kit

Please contact a KCEP Underwriter at (702) 648.0104 or fill out the form below to obtain a current radio media kit including program information, demographics, etc.

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Join with over 165 other businesses and organizations who have already learned that underwriting at KCEP is not only good for the community, but good for business, too. Last year 82% of our underwriters signed up for another year’s underwriting on KCEP. Your support ensures that KCEP continues to be a vital cultural resource in the Southern Nevada Valley.

Call 702.648.0104 to get started with a program of underwriting that will help your business and our community grow stronger together every day. KCEP only has so many underwriting spots available, so, to make sure your business is part of this great success story, call soon! We wouldn’t want our listeners to miss hearing about you!

Public Radio KCEP’s Media Kit

Please contact a KCEP Underwriter at (702) 648.0104 or fill out the form below to obtain a current radio media kit including program information, demographics, etc.

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Brand Your Business…

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Of the 12,600 radio stations in the US only about 175 are community stations like KCEP. What’s so special about a community radio station? Most commercial stations (and sadly more and more “public” radio stations) are programmed at some central location often quite distant from the listening area they serve. The true local station has almost disappeared from the landscape of broadcasting and with it – local voices, local access, and a sense of commitment to community.

As a non-profit community radio station we are not permitted by our charter to accept advertising in the traditional sense. But we are permitted to accept underwriting and to recognize those underwriters on the air.

Over 165 local businesses and organizations have chosen to spend some of their promotional dollars with KCEP. It turns out that those ‘non-advertising’ dollars are some of the most effective promotional expenditures in their budgets.

Underwriters tell us all the time that their customers express their appreciation for their support of KCEP. We hope you’ll give serious consideration to making KCEP a part of your promotional budget.

Public Radio KCEP’s Media Kit

Please contact a KCEP Underwriter at (702) 648.0104 or fill out the form below to obtain a current radio media kit including program information, demographics, etc.

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Good For Business Growth

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KCEP offers a unique opportunity to use a part of your promotional budget to do something that is good for your business and good for the community. What a nice combination! Unlike commercial radio, your message reaches a loyal and dedicated listenership who appreciate your support of KCEP!


There are a variety of underwriting options at KCEP to acknowledge your business or organization on our airwaves while thanking for your tax deductible donation.

Public Radio KCEP’s Media Kit

Please contact a KCEP Underwriter at (702) 648.0104 or fill out the form below to obtain a current radio media kit including program information, demographics, etc.

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Become An Underwriter

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Our listeners love to support the businesses that support Public Radio KCEP. Feature your business, organization or event by Underwriting on Public Radio KCEP!

Businesses and organizations have a great marketing opportunity with KCEP. Our combination of radio stations deliver a significant audience of educated and influential listeners ages 35 -54. In short, KCEP represents an audience of educated, affluent, and engaged audiences available. Underwriting messages highlight businesses and organizations that share in the mission and ethos of Public Radio. Your message will engage and inform listeners about products, services and events in the communities we reach as well as benefit from the recognition you’ll enjoy as a supporter of Public Radio KCEP.

Become a KCEP Public Radio Corporate Underwriter

Underwriting support on KCEP provides the opportunity to reach over 150,000 listeners each week throughout our listening area. Public radio supporters benefit from the “Halo Effect”; the perception of quality and prestige that comes from supporting Public Radio KCEP.

Support Those Who Support Us

KCEP’s corporate underwriters demonstrate their commitment to public radio’s independent nature and innovative programming and audience. Underwriters have the opportunity to build a relationship with an extraordinarily important market segment that appreciates their support of public radio. This creates a loyalty unique to public radio. By understanding and embracing the unique nature of our audience, underwriters are able to reach an audience that is not accessible through other media and is extremely loyal.

Radio Underwriting

Advantages of Underwriting

  • Minimum clutter – by airing a limited number of announcements per hour your message receives listener attention
  • High Time spent listening – your message is heard because our listeners stay tuned for longer periods of time (7+ hours)
  • Underwriter satisfaction – 80% of listeners prefer to buy products from public radio sponsors, when price and quality are equal – 84% of underwriters say public radio has met their marketing expectations
  • Halo effect – Underwriting enhances image, projects quality, credibility and stability resulting in listeners being more apt to learn more about and do business with the underwriter

Public Radio KCEP’s Media Kit

Please contact a KCEP Underwriter at (702) 648.0104 or fill out the form below to obtain a current radio media kit including program information, demographics, etc.

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Underwriting Anniversary Specials

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In celebration of KCEP’s October 7th Anniversary we are offering $5 underwriting spots! Call KCEP today at 702-648-0104 and ask about our Anniversary Special with spots as low as $5.

Become an underwriter

Corporate underwriting on KCEP has the impact of traditional radio marketing with the benefit of supporting a well-respected Las Vegas non-profit media institution. It’s an effective way to build business, brand your company, announce events, recruit staff, promote a chosen philanthropy, and much more — all while helping to pay for the news and musical programming.

KCEP underwriters gain:

  • Direct access to a concentrated, affluent audience with a powerful, personal commitment to KCEP
  • Name recognition among professionals and business leaders likely to be interested in your products and services
  • Credibility by associating with intelligent, in-depth journalism from National Public Radio (NPR), the American Urban Radio Network and the KCEP staff
  • Appreciation from your colleagues, customers and peers, who will recognize your commitment to the community

The KCEP corporate underwriting team can help you design a schedule of underwriting announcements that meets your financial, marketing and philanthropic goals. Your company’s underwriting plan can range from exclusive sponsorship of a particular program to a schedule that spans all segments of the day. You may also become a partner in one of our special events as well as in our fall and spring corporate challenge programs.

For more information on underwriting opportunities, call (702) 648-0104.

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Part-Time Position Available

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KCEP (Power 88) FM is seeking an experienced leader to serve as an Account Representative for public urban radio. This position is responsible for developing and maintaining corporate and business support for KCEP-FM. The position involves identifying potential business contributors then preparing customized proposals and presentations based on market and demographic research.

The duties of the Account Representative include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Researches and develops underwriting leads and prospective revenue sources.

• Prepare letters of intent and initial contract correspondence for leads

• Keep records including filing of weekly reports, underwriting contracts, client presentations, donor leads and follow ups as required

• Ensures that all underwriting contracts are reviewed by the Senior Account Representative

• Responsible for maintaining a consistent client base

• Maintains knowledge of/and adheres to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations, as well as KCEP and EOB policies and procedures regarding underwriting and special event announcements

• Adheres to all EOB Fiscal Services accounting policies and procedures

• Suggest appropriate donation/underwriting announcement schedules

• Obtain sponsorships for station events and special programming

• Performs related duties as assigned

 High school diploma or GED equivalent

 Experience closely related to the duties and responsibilities of the position.

 Must have a car and current car insurance

 Bachelor Degree in Business, Advertising, Marketing, Communication or related field

 2-5 years’ experience in media sales, business to business sales and promotions

 Contacts sources within small, medium and large businesses as well as advertising agencies

 Computer knowledge

 Demonstrated ability to analyze and apply market research data and strong communications skills

 Knowledge of FCC underwriting and noncommercial station regulations a plus
To be considered you must submit the following without exception: cover letter, resume, Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County application and a list of three professional references.

Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County Application

Account Representative – Full Job Annoucment

Application packets
MUST be mailed to:
Attn: Human Resources
330 W. Washington Avenue
Las Vegas, NV. 89106

KCEP Underwriting Benefits

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In radio, advertising and underwriting are avenues for corporate sponsors to get their message out using a station’s airwaves. At KCEP, we make a distinction between underwriting and advertising. Underwriting is more a mutually beneficial partnership, whereas advertising allows a sponsor to plant a specifically crafted message at a specific time.

KCEP follows the guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure our underwriting messages are clear, concise, and pleasing to the ears. The FCC guidelines dictate all public radio stations must use underwriting language that follows these rules

1) No calls to action: “Call now!”; “Come on down!” or phrases inducing people to buy products.
2) No mention of prices: Any quotes of price, discounts or sale information.
3) No superlatives or promotional language: “It’s the best,” “Most reliable,” or other qualitative
descriptors, either positive or negative. Underwriters have the option of placing their message during prerecorded shows in the morning, during live DJ show in the afternoon and night, or both! We typically schedule one time slot per hour.

The Message:

In a 15 to 30 second scale, an underwritten message may include a partner’s:

  • Location
  • Services
  • Business events (grand openings, relocation information, etc.)
  • Slogans
  • Contact information:
  • Websites, phone numbers, etc.

However – this list is not exhaustive. KCEP aim is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible: we will include almost any message content if it does not violate our FCC regulations.


Increase Your Business Reach!

Your underwriting mentions on KCEP can reach 150,000 weekly listeners, at an affordable rate! Start building your business today. Get your message to an ethnically diverse cross-section of the Las Vegas radio listening audience, ready and willing to support you and your business!


Reach An Adult Market

KCEP has a fresh R&B/Old School mix and intelligent news and talk programming from NPR and AURN attracts an upscale, adult, professional audience that typically earns more than $70,000 per household.

KCEP listeners trust us to provide them the latest in arts, entertainment and culture. We deliver for them, and we can deliver for you as well!

With your company’s underwriting support on KCEP, you may choose to receive on-air acknowledgments of your company’s underwriting support during a specific program or time range … or you may choose to have a portion of your acknowledgements rotated throughout the week, allowing your acknowledgement to be heard by a number of different audiences.

Underwriting is available on a per-mention basis. KCEP is pleased to customize your underwriting to your company’s needs and budget.

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The Reach of Radio

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The importance of radio in consumers’ lives and offers actionable guidance for how radio advertising fits into the media mix. First presented by Bill Rose at the 2012 Radio Show, this details how AM/FM radio delivers:

•Consistently big audiences, especially during the day when most shopping occurs

•“The last word” for advertisers reaching the most consumers right before they shop

•Enhanced reach when combined with other media

•An ad environment relevant to where consumers are going and what they are doing

•A highly engaged, attentive, and positively minded audience

•A variety of decision influencers

Contact our Underwriting Department for current rates & specials

Don’t delay, Call today!