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Chef Keidi on Like It Is Radio

With the holidays approaching, “Like it is Radio” hosted by Franklyn G. and the KCEP College Interns have invited chef Keidi Awadu, the guru of Living Superfoods, to join them this Friday, August 9.  Chef Keidi will introduce his “Living Superfoods” and share his secrets how to live a healthier lifestyle. Being a “Living Superfood” consumer means having a strict fruit and vegetable diet that includes a several-meal menu created by Chef Keidi. This specially [ ... ]

2013 Las Vegas Weekly Award – Power 88

Best Reason to Listen to the Radio: Power 88 Las Vegas Weekly Staff Wed, Jul 3, 2013 (7 p.m.) For four decades, this public station has brought the grooves, hooks and hallelujahs to the Valley. Today, the music ranges from neo-soul and blues gems you never knew existed to beloved R&B slow-burners and hip-hop “jams of old.” And with smart, locally produced programming on public affairs and culture, KCEP 88.1 FM is always a sweet listen. It’s radio [ ... ]

“….And then there were TWO!”

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has picked William “Mo” Cowan, his former chief of staff, to serve as the state’s interim US senator until a successor to John F. Kerry is chosen by the voters in a June 25 special election. For the first time ever, the Senate will include more than one black member at the time: Mr. Cowan of Massachusetts and South Carolina’s Tim Scott. The only time multiple Blacks served was during the Reconstruction [ ... ]

LV Metro Police Department – Review or Not To Review?

Review or not to review: that’s not the question – why the Police won’t participate is the question? Currently the leadership of the Metro’s Union is endorsing a policy of non-compliance when it comes to anything about the newly proposed changes (to include an ombudsman) to the coroner’s process.  Sheriff Gillespie appears to be without and control over his officers to enforce any compliance on this matter also. Our newly elected DA Mr. Wolfson also seems [ ... ]

Dr. King Vision

 Is Dr. King’s vision being sanitized?Truth be told at the time of his assassination Dr. King’s popularly had waned tremendously. We forget the King who at the time of his ministry (of social activism) was labeled an “extremist,” by explicitly calling out “moderates” for urging African-Americans to slow down their march to justice in 1967. Few speak of Dr. King’s admonition to the United States “that the Negro had tried to cash the check” of [ ... ]

Obama’s White House – The Diversity Question

In Clinton’s first term, 47% of those he appointed to his Cabinet were women or people of color. Bush had precisely the same percentage in his first term. By the end of Clinton’s second term, his figure had risen to 52%. President Obama’s two Supreme Court nominations have been women, his first secretary of State and Homeland Security secretary are women, also his attorney-general a black man. Yet many of his supporters question his recent [ ... ]

Like It Is Radio!

To provide programing that enlightens and connects Las Vegas to the larger Black Diaspora. This weekly show allows dialogues between leaders and our small Power 88 village. Recent guests have ranged from Dr. Frances Crest Wellsing MD to Hall of Fame Director Mr. Bill Duke, also including our current first elected Black Congressman Steve Horsford (D) of Nevada. Personalities from the Nation of Islam, Greek organizations, veterans, and the business community appear regularly. “Like it is [ ... ]