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Katt Williams at The Joint

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Katt Williams is coming to The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Sunday, May 25th. Public Radio KCEP has your chance to win. Keep listen and you could be seeing Katt Williams LIVE on Stage!


katt williams kcep 650 x 250My goal is to build a comedy empire and help restore dignity to our profession. It’s the best I ever feel when I’m on stage, putting the thoughts from my head into those of an audience.  Applause is my drug of choice.”Katt Williams

Known just as much for his permed hair as he is for his animated performances and quick wit, comedian Katt Williams has been making his mark in Hollywood for over 10 years.  Beginning his career at an age when most teenagers are seeking their driver’s license, the young comic quickly discovered that he had a gift for making people laugh.  Inspired by the likes of great humorists such as Richard Pryor Donn Knotts, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Thomas Marshall, Jeff Foxworthy, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chapelle, whom he calls the “Malcolm X of comedy,” Katt Williams’ entertaining standup routines are laying the blueprint for a new generation of comics.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Dayton, Katt Williams was the product of a socially and politically charged household.  His parent’s influence and teachings may have been what caused him to briefly join the Nation of Islam later on in his life while living in the Bay Area. Being that educational excellence was greatly encouraged from birth, the tiny protégé was reading at age 3.  An avid book lover, Katt’s parents banned him from reading as a form of punishment when he got into trouble.  When he was 12, he won a number of awards for science projects, which landed him a full scholarship to The National Science Academy in Dayton, but as soon as the young brain found out about the scholarship, he purposely failed a math test in order to be disqualified from participating in the program.  “I was young. You know when you are young, you just do what you do. I can use my I.Q. now. I had a high I.Q as an 8 years old. So you know what was I gonna do with it. I was just trying to be impressive and not mess up.”

Longing to express his creative side, Katt escaped into his own world, compiling fresh jokes with fresh music and intellect; honing his skills.  As a means to get into a nightclub where he was underage one fateful evening, Katt noticed that they weren’t checking ID’s in the line for comics and proceeded to enter the club through that entrance.  Thinking that he would be able to chill and enjoy the party, the quick thinker was called on stage where he did a five-minute improv to an enthusiastic crowd.  “I was so nervous but everyone laughed and thought I was funny.  After that, I was opened up to the wonderful world of comedy,” recalls the multi-talented entertainer.  “Improv is where a comic really gets to shine, if he is good.  That’s as close as a comedian can get to the playoffs. I went through those years were I wanted to be the funny comic, now I’m trying to be the greatest comic of my time.”

In 1999 Katt became a presence at The Improv, The Comedy Club, The Icehouse and even had his own room at The Hollywood Park Casino where he had a large, loyal following.  He’s become somewhat of a staple comedic force on the BET Network, appearing on shows such as Comic View, Rip the Runway, Black Carpet, 106th & Park, The BET Awards and BET Comedy Awards. Throughout his success he has been massively embraced by the Hip Hop community, receiving praise from Master P (“Hands down Katt Williams is the next Richard Pryor”) and Snoop Dogg (“Katt is doing his comedy thing so flamboyantly and so fly with spirit of the late great Red Foxx and the spirit of Richard Pryor”) Last month Katt hosted the 1st Annual BET ‘Hip Hop’ Award Show from The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. In his role as host he received an overwhelmingly positive response from critics and had a chance to speak directly to Hip Hop audiences globally and share his insight on urban culture, folklore, lifestyle, history and music. More than a musical style, hip-hop is a history of American culture, and a testimony by its artists of their life experiences. The Award Show was an electrifying evening of non-stop homage and entertainment to the genre of Hip Hop music.  Performances included Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Young Jeezy and T.I. while Award Nominees include everyone from Common and Busta Rhymes to DMX and Jay-Z.

Katt Williams’ talent extends over multiple mediums.  Known to most for his breakout role in three seasons of Nick Cannon’s highly-rated MTV improv show, “Wild n’ Out,” the funnyman has appeared in music videos for everyone from Outkast (“Roses”) and Ludacris (“Stand Up” & “Number One Spot”) to E-40 (“One Night Stand”) and Lil’ Kim (“Shut Up/Lighter’s Up”), in addition to landing roles on the small and big screen.  Some of his appearances include ‘NYPD Blue’, UPN’s ‘Girlfriends’ and ‘Cuts’, ‘The Tracy Morgan Show’, ‘Wanted’, ‘My Wife and Kids,’ Russell Simmon’s HBO ‘Def Comedy Jam’ alongside Dave Chappelle and Mike Epps and an animated character (“A Pimp Named Slickback”) on the popular adult cartoon “The Boondocks.”  Katt also prepares to co-star in MTV’s new half-hour improv series “Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz,” which will feature topical sketches, impersonations, parodies and other comedic elements. Other cast members include Nick Cannon, Affion Crockett, Eliza Coupe, Leonard Robinson and Taran Killam. The show is set to premiere in March 2007 as part of the network’s “10 Spot” lineup. Katt continues to receive stamps of approvals from the urban and mainstream community alike for his brilliance and ingenuity on screen and on-stage including being named “hottest new comedian” in Rolling Stone Magazine as well as praise from African American comedic icons such as Steve Harvey who says, “He’s one of the hottest comedians in the country.”

Widely recognized for his role as “Money Mike” in the hit New Line movie Friday After Next, the rising star is currently on a multi-city sold out comedy tour with a groundbreaking album in the works entitled It’s Pimpin’, Pimpin’ (Camron’s Diplomat Records/Warner Bros.), featuring Snoop Dogg, Da Brat, E-40, Lyfe Jennings, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Lil’ Jon, and more.  Two of “Money Mike’s” ring tones were also recently ranked in the Jamster! Top 5 most downloaded, fun-sound ring tones while “Money Mike” also remains the Urban World Wireless’ ring tone king with the popular “Pimp Phone Ringing.

As if those artistic ventures weren’t enough in September 2006 HBO aired “Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Pt.1,” 60 minutes of hilarious new material from the entertaining comedian taped live in Atlanta with guest appearances from Cam’ron, Lil’ Jon, Snoop Dogg, Andre 3000, Da Brat and Anthony Anderson to name a few. Williams was able to draw on his own experiences and his edgy take on life to bring the house down with laughter with his unique personality, pimp-esque charisma and endless supply of original jokes. Over 8 million people viewed the show and it quickly became the highest rated special on the HBO Network for both 2005 and 2006. To follow up that success Katt recently taped the sequel live in Chicago aptly titled “Pimp Chronicles Pt. 2” which will be released in movie theatres nationwide in Fall 2007.

Katt’s prodigious talent seems to know no limits and he’s eager to add the title of ‘Hollywood Actor’ to his repertoire. This past February he lit up the big screen with an unforgettable role in the Eddie Murphy film “Norbit” (Dreamworks) along with other stars including Cuba Gooding Jr., Eddie Griffin, Thandie Newton and Marlon Wayans and will appear in the as soon to be hit romantic comedy, “Perfect Christmas” (Flavor Unit Productions) featuring Terence Howard, Queen Latifah, Morris Chestnut and Gabrielle Union. In addition Katt will star in the comedy “Marshals” (Dreamworks) along with co-star Eddie Murphy who will also produce the film. Katt remarks, “I’m on the grind 23/6.  The blessing now is that I got the gift and I got the thing to work the gift and I got the reason to be working.”

While his goal is to build a comedy empire and restore dignity to his profession, Katt Williams is also a humanitarian.  He is as committed to his children as he is to his work; he doesn’t joke when it comes to them.  “I have eight children, seven adopted.  When my son Micah was born, it changed my life.  Every week when I’m able to clothe and feed my family, pay my staff and travel around the world solely on the strength of comedy, that is my greatest accomplishment.”

Telling jokes with ease, the stand-up comic/actor wants to conquer the globe’s problems with laughter. “Everything, everywhere is comedy material.  To watch and view the world via television, newspapers, movies and music translate our world into funny.  There is no subject where funny doesn’t exist.”  The current Los Angeles resident has undoubtedly become a fixture on the comedic and Hollywood landscape with more than enough charisma and talent to spare.  Possessing the ability to make millions of people laugh, Katt Williams is healing the world one smile at a time.  Katt sums it up best, “I’m in the great comedian lane. Once you’re in that lane, that’s just the beginning of it. The getting there is the journey.

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Bellator MMA Rampage vs. King Mo

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Bellator 120: Rampage vs. King Mo

MMA Fighting brings you Bellator 120: Rampage vs. King Mo results. Bellator 120 takes place at the Landers Center in Southaven, Miss. The event is headlined by a fight between Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal for the light heavyweight tournament final. In the co-main event, Michael Chandler faces Will Brooks for the Bellator interim lightweight title.

Spike Bel

Corporate Member American Millionaires Summit

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Morgan James In Cabaret Jazz

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Broadway’s Morgan James brings her smoky and soulful renditions to Cabaret Jazz. She’s fast becoming one of the most sought-after multi-genre vocalists in the country. She was recently seen in the Broadway revival of Godspell and the new production of Motown: The Musical.

Friday, May 9, 2014, 7:00p.m.

VENUE: Cabaret Jazz

Calling to mind such artists as Eva Cassidy, Billie Holiday, and Aretha Franklin, her on stage performances have left both audiences and critics in awe, with The New York Times declaring Morgan as “a phenomenal talent whose feel for classic soul music is bone deep…This woman is on fire.”

morgan-james-approved-photo[1]For Morgan James, honing in on the ideal use for her stunningly powerful vocals took years of soul-searching and discovery. After joining a choir in junior high (and quickly learning she possessed a richly textured voice “a whole lot bigger than I was”), James left her Northern California home at age 18 to study opera at the Juilliard School. While the rigorous conservatory training went a long way in refining her vocals and building her remarkable range, James ultimately abandoned opera and devoted her initial post-Juilliard years to pursuing musical theater. Thanks to her unshakeable dedication and ingenuity, James soon worked her way onto the stage of some of the city’s most legendary clubs—and into prominent roles in Broadway productions like Godspell and Wonderland. Now, with her debut album Morgan James Live, James offers up a selection of songs that show off her extraordinary voice and exquisite gift for merging soul, jazz, and R&B in a fresh and thrilling new way.

Recorded at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola (an intimate jazz club nestled within New York City’s Lincoln Center), Morgan James Live features James’s stirring renditions of standards from the repertoire of Nina Simone. Not only embracing Simone’s raw, heady passion, James channels the sparkling eclecticism that made the High Priestess of Soul a key influence in cultivating her own singing style. “For a long time I wasn’t sure what to do with the fact that I’ve got this gigantic voice that doesn’t quite match how I look, so I ended up trying out lots of different things to find my way,” says James. And in that ceaseless experimentation, she adds, James drew great inspiration from Simone’s unwavering artistic integrity. “Nina refused to be pigeon-holed into any one genre, and she wasn’t setting out to impress anyone,” says James. “That sort of purity and lack of showboating means so much to me as a musician.”

James MorganAll throughout Morgan James Live, James infuses her interpretations of Simone’s songs with a comparable purity. Whether tearing through bluesy stompers like “Trouble In Mind” and “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out” or a hushed heartbreaker like the Billie Holiday-penned “Don’t Explain,” James brings both unadulterated emotionalism and seamless musicianship to her performance. Backed by a five-piece band, James also elegantly shifts from sweetly melancholy (“Little Girl Blue”) to joyful and effervescent (“My Baby Just Cares For Me”) to sultry and smoldering (“I Put A Spell On You,” “I Want More And Then Some”) to achingly tender (“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” “My Man’s Gone Now”). “I could probably do five double albums full of Nina Simone songs,” says James, who collaborated with music director David Cook in creating the musical arrangements for her two-week stint at Dizzy’s. “But on this one I wanted there to be a few swinging tunes and a lot of blues—I’m so attracted to Nina’s darker side, and I really admire how she never ran away from sadness.”


For James, it took weathering her first few years as a struggling musician in New York City to tune into the sorrow that instills so much of Simone’s work. “Honestly, I didn’t realize I could sing this way until I was lonely, jobless, and listening to a lot of incredibly sad music all the time,” she says. Still, even at her most defeated, James maintained a nervy spirit that helped her land her first moment in the Manhattan spotlight. “I figured that since I wasn’t making money from my music yet, I should at least work in places where other people were playing music—places like Cafe Wha? and Prohibition,” recalls James. “After a while I started asking if I could sit in with the bands, even though the only song I knew was [Aretha Franklin’s] ‘A Natural Woman.’” Floored by her vocal chops, James’s impromptu collaborators encouraged her to broaden her body of music. “I started out by learning all the licks that Aretha and Nina did, but pretty soon I was on my way to developing my own style,” she says.

As she continued to advance her artistry and expand her vocal versatility, James eventually found her way to Broadway. Making her debut in The Addams Family in 2010, she went on to perform in Wonderland in 2011 and the first-ever Broadway revival of Godspell in 2011/2012. At the same time, James nurtured her solo singing career by booking regular gigs at famed New York nightspots like Birdland Jazz Club, Le Poisson Rouge, Rockwood Music Hall, Joe’s Pub, Dominion, and Dizzy’s. “It’s pretty grueling, working all day and all night, but it’s really taught me the importance of stamina and taking care of my body, my instrument,” says James. “And on Broadway you’re in an environment of constant creation, with so much creative energy swirling around—it’s so stimulating and inspiring to me.”

Keeping up that balance between Broadway and her solo work, James will next take the stage in Motown: The Musical and dive into the recording of her first full-length studio effort (an album she envisions as “a more contemporary, pop/R&B record, but with its roots in blues and old-school soul”). But first, with the release of Morgan James Live, James is set to bring her astonishing vocals beyond the stages of New York City and turn a wider audience on to her enchanting sensibility as a musical interpreter. “Part of the motivation for this album was that I knew it would just be completely luxurious to do an entire record of Nina’s songs,” says James. “But at the same time I knew it would get right to the heart of what I do as a singer, and also take the listeners on some sort of journey— which to me is one of the most important things an album can do.”

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Ms. Lauryn Hill

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Born in New Jersey to a schoolteacher mother and computer programmer/system’s analyst father, it was obvious from a young age that Ms. Hill possessed extraordinary talents, abilities and propensity for creativity.

Ms. Lauryn Hill w/ Daniel Bambaata Marley

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$60.00 – $70.00



Ms. Lauryn Hill

Ms. Lauryn Hill

Born in New Jersey to a schoolteacher mother and computer programmer/system’s analyst father, it was obvious from a young age that Ms. Hill possessed extraordinary talents, abilities and propensity for creativity.
Walking and talking early, she would soon impress family and teachers alike with a seemingly quick mind and extended vocabulary. She excelled throughout school in all areas of academic, athletic, creative and extra-curricular activity. A venerable social butterfly, she used her talents and office as school president from 5th to 8th grade consecutively, to promote many concerns expectantly beyond her years like a school breakfast program intended for students her same age, who weren’t able to eat adequately enough before school. This streak of community service would continue into high-school and beyond, eventually taking her into Africa and other parts of the world building wells in communities who lacked sufficient means to water and raising money, as well as sending food and clothing to the needy; not as a part of some school or social club’s prerequisite, but from her own private desire to make tangible change. To backtrack for a moment, all of this of course would ultimately be supported by a love that began as early as she can remember, her love of music—which would result in her becoming known throughout the world.
Ms. Hill grew up in a home where the sound of music was a household staple. She very early, probably in the second or third grade, discovered a treasure chest’s worth of 45 singles that belonged to her mother and father that chronicled the lives and careers of some of the world’s most renowned and soulfully successful musicians-from the offerings of Motown, Staxx, Atlantic, Capitol and Mercury Records, and the like, who were at the time recording ‘the greats’ like Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, Little Anthony and the imperials, The Dreamlovers, Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson Five, The Last Poets, Aretha Franklin, Jackie Wilson, Doug and Jean Carne, Procol Harem, Santana, Alice Coltrane, The Delfonics, The Stylistics, and a plethora of other world changing artists who were influencing music and recreating the world. This love affair with music seemingly outside of her generational trajectory would extend in many different ways from jazz, to soul, to reggae, to rock to classical. An eclectic appreciation and voracious appetite for good music trans-genre, Ms. Hill would establish her own categories that incorporated all types of unique and incredible sounds from both the past and the contemporaneous environment of her youth—this obviously included what was then known as hip-hop and R&B as well, but Puccini didn’t escape her either. She was an interesting and powerful hybrid of musical influences (and stylistic mastery). These influences would dramatically shape her own approach to self-expression.
Ms. Hill sang and deeply appreciated music at a young age, known for being very animated, she also acted, danced and enjoyed performance art of various kinds. She spent her formative years acting in plays and being cast in television commercials, as well as the daytime drama ‘As the World Turns’, Steven Soderbergh’s ‘King of the Hill’, and ‘Sister Act II’ with Whoopi Goldberg. Ironically all of this was done while she was still a full-time student. After graduating high school with stellar grades, she attended Columbia University in New York while a member of the then up and coming musical group the Fugees. Ms. Hill was a great academician, but her unique gifts, interest and pursuits would take her in the direction of profound experience and great accomplishment not just in the classroom, but also beyond it. This of course would not negatively alter her life-long love of learning, invention and acquiring knowledge, but would enhance it. She often envisioned herself as able to very naturally make the kind of great contributions that often come from people with great minds and the passion and discipline required in order to bring great things into fruition. She would establish a reputation in the music world as the lone female member of The Fugees, whose record sales would make them the second biggest selling R&B act worldwide since Michael Jackson. She launched her solo career with the release of the commercially successful and critically acclaimed album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The recording earned a record breaking five Grammy Awards.
Daniel Bambaata Marley

Daniel Bambaata Marley

Daniel Bambaata Robert Nesta Marley, born July 12, 1989, is a third generation offspring of reggae legend Bob Marley. Daniel’s life has always been centered in the reggae culture. Singer, songwriter, producer and musician, Daniel Bambaata has forged his own identity and proven himself on his own as the complete artist, expounding on themes from love to personal freedom. Inherently influenced by his famous Marley lineage, Daniel Bambaata’s many musical styles range across all genres.

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Tedeschi Trucks Band

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Tedeschi Trucks Band with special guests: Soulive

Thursday, May 29, 2014 inside Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$35.00 – $40.00

This event is 21 and over

$35 in advance, $40 day of show

3 night passes available HERE

Tedeschi Trucks Band
  • Derek Trucks – Guitar
  • Susan Tedeschi – Guitar & Vocals
  • Kofi Burbridge – Keyboards & Flute
  • Tyler Greenwell – Drums & Percussion
  • J.J. Johnson – Drums & Percussion
  • Mike Mattison – Harmony Vocals
  • Mark Rivers – Harmony Vocals
  • Kebbi Williams – Saxophone
  • Maurice Brown – Trumpet
  • Saunders Sermons – Trombone
  • Tim Lefebvre – Bass Guitar

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Tedeschi Trucks Band is an 11-member collective that thrills audiences worldwide with its transcendent live performances and award-winning albums. Formed in 2010 by husband-and-wife Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, and featuring two harmony singers, a three-piece horn section, keyboards, bass and a pair of drummers, TTB disproves the adage “less is more” while building a devoted following of fans and critics alike.Just three years in, Tedeschi Trucks Band has toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, and Japan, headlining the venerable Newport Jazz Festival, co-headlining tours with B.B. King and The Black Crowes, and playing to packed houses in the world’s most celebrated venues from Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the Beacon Theatre to the Hollywood Bowl and Royal Albert Hall. TTB’s debut release Revelator, produced at the couple’s Swamp Raga home studio, earned both a Grammy and Blues Music Award while 2011’s dynamic live follow-up, Everybody’s Talkin’, delivered a double-disc classic reminiscent of legendary concert recordings like Mad Dogs and Englishmen and The Allman Brothers Band’s At Fillmore East. Currently the band is touring in support of its second studio effort, Made Up Mind, which entered the Billboard 200 at #11 and was hailed by Rolling Stone as “equal parts Stax and Muscle Shoals without dilution of either.”

Emerging as one of the most respected guitarists of his generation, Trucks led his own Derek Trucks Band for over 15 years prior to teaming with Tedeschi. Presently and for the past 13 years the Florida native also performs as a full member of The Allman Brothers Band and has toured with both Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. Additionally as the youngest musician to make the list, the slide guitar wunderkind was voted #16 of the top 100 Guitarists of All Time (Rolling Stone – November 2011) by a panel of fellow musicians and industry experts.

No stranger to center stage herself, singer-guitarist Susan Tedeschi started playing in bands in her hometown of Boston at age 13. Her knack for combining American roots music, particularly electric blues, Southern soul, and gospel, with passionate, awe-inspiring vocal prowess has resulted in a prolific solo career full of award-winning records, six Grammy nominations, and a devoted following. Blessed with a voice that ranges from powerful R&B belters to gentle ballads, Tedeschi is a talented guitarist as well, her style alternately recalling post-war electric blues and Hendrix-inspired rock.

Easily capable of shining as individuals, this ensemble of 11 is concerned more with the sound than the spotlight. Sharing a level of respect and camaraderie rarely found in rock and roll, Tedeschi Trucks Band has found a magical combination that delivers nightly an unforgettable, can’t-miss concert experience, one the Boston Herald says, “booms like a soul thunderclap.” For these musicians and their audiences, more is indeed more.

with special guests: Soulive

with special guests: Soulive

Soulive has never made any bones about what they do best; it’s right there in their name. Since forming in 1999, the trio of guitarist Eric Krasno, drummer Alan Evans and keyboardist Neal Evans has carried the torch for the soul-jazz organ trio—that venerable, funky institution pioneered by the likes of Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff and Groove Holmes in the late ’60s. Rest assured, when the Evans brothers first brought Kraz by their Woodstock studio, there was plenty of old vinyl spread out on the floor.In their 13 years together, Soulive has followed the muse in the direction of hip-hop, R&B, blues and rock, collaborating with the likes of Chaka Khan, Dave Matthews, Talib Kweli, John Scofield, Derek Trucks, Maceo Parker, Susan Tedeschi, Robert Randolph, Joshua Redman, Kenny Garrett, Fred Wesley, The Roots, Ivan Neville and so many others, even going so far as to record a full album of covers by The Beatles (Rubber Soulive). But, no matter how they push the limits of the organ trio, they always come back to their bread and butter: blistering solos and grooves that don’t quit.


Comedian Tom Dreesen

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In this unforgettable performance, Dreesen will take you from his childhood of shining shoes in bars in his hometown of Harvey, hearing Sinatra on the jukebox, to one day touring the nation as his opening act flying in his private jet and staying up with Frank till dawn, night after night. He takes you to Frank’s last performance and the last song he ever sang and then to his last days on earth. Dreesen’s standup comedy is hilarious and his keen insight and superb storytelling about arguably the greatest career show business has ever known, and the lessons he learned from the legendary star, promises to move the audience!


NV Big Give Is Here!

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LAS VEGAS – The third statewide online giving initiative, Nevada’s Big Give, will be held on Friday, April 25, 2014 and community-based, non-profit public radio station KCEP-FM will be participating for the first time. Donations can be made to KCEP-FM by visiting http://www.razoo.com/story/Kcepfm.


The One Day Online Giving Event Will Benefit Nonprofits statewide. Donations can be made to KCEP-FM by visiting


 The initiative, founded by NevadaGIVES, is a unique, high-visibility online event highlighting personal giving designed to bring new donors and dollars to nonprofit organizations throughout the state.

According to NevadaGIVES, Nevada Big Give is unlike any other philanthropic event and is an opportunity to benefit all Nevada nonprofits by activating donations online. Every registered 501(c)3 organization in Nevada is eligible to participate and receive donations on April 25th.

Razoo.com, a seasoned community giving day fundraising tool, has created a website for Nevada’s Big Give. Donations can be made by selecting their online page on Nevada’s Big Give website. Donations can also be made by visiting the KCEP-FM website at www.KCEPFM.com where a link to the Razoo.com website is available.

“We’re very excited to participate in this year’s Nevada Big Give,” said KCEP General Manager Craig Knight. “This is an opportunity for us to make new friends and donors to find a new favorite 501(c)3 to support. We would encourage everyone to participate, no matter which nonprofit they select.”


Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival

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Friday April 25th

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Saturday April 26th


Sunday April 27th

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Ledesi The Truth Tour

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House of Blues Las Vegas
, May 23, 2014 07:00 PM
Doors open at 7:00pmMore Info AboutLedesi  The Truth Tour With Special Guest Robert Glaspar Experiment
No professional cameras, wallet chains & studded belts or jewelry.For 21 and over shows: Patrons must be 21 and over with valid I.D. to gain entry to venue.

It is the Patrons responsibility to check and abide by posted age limits when purchasing tickets.

For VIP Tables and Dinner Packages and Group Sales

Purchase Ticket

Or Call: 702.885.4570

You can tell when a woman has finally come into her own. It’s in the swivel of her hips, the growl in her voice and the joy that brightens her face when she smiles. A woman filled with confidence is a force to be reckoned with. For singer songwriter Ledisi, that exuberance rings through on every track of her new album The Truth.”I changed my life!” Ledisi says with a laugh. “With every album I grow, and with The Truth I am really starting to accept myself fully. I mean, I’ve always felt great about myself, but this time I’ve gone to a new level.”The result is an album filled not only with Ledisi’s trademark soaring ballads but also something unexpected: a generous collection of up-tempo, beat-driven celebrations of love and lust. Ledisi describes the effort as “vibrant, sensual and fun. Of all of my recordings, this is definitely my favorite album ever.”

And that’s saying a lot. Over the past 13 years, New Orleans native Ledisi Anibade Young has recorded six albums, gained eight Grammy nominations including a nod for “Best New Artist” in 2008, performed six times at the White House for President and Mrs. Obama, and earned a place in the pantheon of the best soul singers of her generation. With The Truth, Ledisi, known for her rich and evocative ballads says it’s time for something new. “What you’re getting is a fiery version of Ledisi.”

What sparked her flame? Ledisi won’t name names, but she will say this: “I let go of toxic relationships and embarked on new healthy relationships. One in particular has me glowing!”

Her first single, I Blame You, is a joyful reflection on that new-found love. “This other person made me feel beautiful,” she says. “And that made me look at myself and see myself in a different light.” Her friend and collaborator, Claude Kelly (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera) came up with title.

“I came into the studio and Claude asked me how I was feeling and I said, ‘I feel excited about myself,'” she recalls. “I told him someone was making me smile and he thought of the idea of blaming the other person for building me up. But of course, that only works if you are open to it.”

The transformative power of letting go of the old and embracing the new is celebrated in the album’s title track, The Truth, produced by D.J. Camper, (Chrisette Michelle, John Legend, Keyshia Cole).

“I wrote the song in a hotel room,” says Ledisi, singing one of her favorite lines. “Like a hurricane without warning I woke up Sunday morning, had to face the truth.”

“That song was the beginning of me letting go,” she continues. “I realized, it’s okay for you to leave something that’s not working. Of course, it’s scary to realize the truth and then go ahead and make a move. But that’s what you have to do. Basically it comes down to, are you going to stay here and be miserable or are you going to leap and go for what you want?”

Going for what you want is a theme Ledisi continues to explore in, That Good Good, which she co-wrote with Angelica Lea, Jon Jon Trax and Claude Kelly, with whom she collaborated on the 2011 hit Pieces of Me. The song, a playful, up-tempo, nod to female sexual assertiveness is a syncopated pro-woman anthem to put all others to shame. “I heard the song and I went bananas,” says Ledisi. “I love songs that tell women it’s okay to ask their partners for what they want. You know, like ‘Can you do this? If you can’t then get out of the way!’ It took me a while to be that forward. So when I heard it in a song, I was like ‘Oh, this is me now! I love it!'”

That Good Good doesn’t have to be sexual,” she continues. “It can be about asking for the best kind of loving and promising you are going to give it back.”

If The Good Good is about asking for what you want, Lose Control is the declaration of a woman who got just what she needed: some late-night down and dirty. It’s music to listen to when words alone can’t express your desire. “Laced red high heel shoes, left behind some clues,” Ledisi sings. “Follow the roses, let me reward you for loving me like you’re supposed to.”

Ledisi says while creating Lose Control, which she co-wrote with long-time producer Rex Rideout (Luther Vandross, Angie Stone, Will Downing), she drew on the experiences of people around her. “I asked Rex, how does it feel to feel to be married?” she recalls. “And I asked another producer, how does it feel to be single? And I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if people started getting excited about getting intimate? We don’t have enough songs like that, songs that describe romance. Wouldn’t it be good to describe what we are going to do in a classy intimate and aggressive way? Why can’t women lead?”

Ledisi explains that her new music is a reflection of her journey of self-discovery. “There was a time when I felt like I had to please everybody,” she says. “Now I’m like ‘I don’t care anymore,’ I just want to be fully out there and be the person I really am, which is someone who loves being open and fun.”

But all this self love didn’t enter Ledisi’s life without her shedding some baggage. In 88 Boxes, Ledisi tells an intimate tale of a failed relationship. “If you would have said ‘I loved you,’ I would have turned around and stayed. But you said nothing. Did you really love me?” Ledisi sings on the hauntingly beautiful track that is as mournful as it is memorable.

88 Boxes is about me letting go,” she explains. “I was moving out and had to count how many boxes I had for the moving truck. For women, it’s hard for us to leave things and people that we love. We stay in situations almost like martyrs to ourselves. At the same time I was leaving, I am recognizing that the other person didn’t want me to leave but didn’t know how to say the words, ‘Don’t go.’ In 88 Boxes, I am being somewhat sympathetic to that…but I am also focusing on the reality of what is…the end of a love affair.”

The track, which Ledisi had originally penned as a poem, was recorded in a single take. “I laid it down in the dark,” she remembers. “Everyone had been telling me how I should record the song, but my vocal producer, Roland Jack, who is like a brother to me, said, “Led I want you to do what you wrote. Forget all these people. Get your butt in that booth and sing the truth. When I came out the room everybody had their mouths open like, “Oh my God!” It was one of the hardest songs to record and it’s honest.”

Ledisi’s courage to be so vulnerable isn’t the only positive byproduct of her transformation. “Over the past few years, I’ve really had to ask myself, ‘Who are you and what do you want to be,'” she reflects. “I did some mediation and I started working out hard. Not like how I used to where I would do a couple of crunches and then drink a soda! Now I’m really challenging myself. And I love this girl! She’s free and uninhibited and having fun with life. I’ve learned that when you really love who you are, it radiates! It all starts from the within. It all starts from accepting The Truth.”

Ledisi’s thrill of self-discovery is now available for all of us to enjoy, on The Truth.

Doc Severinsen & His Big Band with Mary Wilson

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Doc Severinsen, leader of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show Band for over 25 years, is hitting the road with his own big band in “Once More with Feeling” named after his best selling recording. Doc’s playing is as sharp and powerful as ever and he’ll blow the roof off The Smith Center with his fierce trumpet solos and super tight band!  Purchase tickets to the phenomenal show today as the show features the legendary Mary Wilson of the Supremes in an evening of the classic big band tunes that defined the golden era of television. Become a member of Public Radio KCEP-FM at the $120.00 by March 27th and receive two (2) tickets as a gift.


Heeeeere’s Johnny!” That lead-in, followed by a big band trumpet blast, was the landmark of late night television for three decades. The ‘Johnny’ was Johnny Carson, the announcer was Ed McMahon and the bandleader was Doc Severinsen. Beginning in October 1962, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson ruled the night air for thirty years. On May 22, 1992, it came to an end…

Within a week of the final telecast, Doc Severinsen and His Big Band were on the road, and to this day, audiences across America love and respect Doc and his big band, not just because he shared their living room with them for so many years, but because of Doc’s love of the Big Band repertoire.  His musicianship keeps this iconic American music fresh to this day. Their repertoire includes Ellington and Basie standards, pop, jazz, ballads, big band classics and, of course, The Tonight Show theme.  Severinsen can still blow hard with his horn, and hit the high notes, a result of his continued commitment to the practice studio and the refinement of his craft. But as a band leader, Doc continues to surround himself with the best in the business, and he’s only too happy to give them a turn in the spotlight.

A Grammy award winner, Doc has made more than 30 albums–from big band to jazz-fusion to classical. Two critically acclaimed Telarc CDs with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra showcase his multifaceted talents from Bach to ballads.  The Very Best of Doc Severinsen reprises fifteen of Doc’s signature pieces. His other recordings include Unforgettably Doc with the Cincinnati Pops on Telarc, and the Grammy nominated Once More With Feeling on Amherst. He received a Grammy Award for “Best Jazz instrumental Performance – Big Band” for his recording of Doc Severinsen and The Tonight Show Band-Volume I.

In 2006, Doc moved to San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico, ostensibly to retire from performance. Within weeks, he was jamming with the magnificent guitarist Gil Gutierrez, later releasing the CD, El Ritmo de la Vida.  Since moving back to the States, Doc tours extensively with Gil in a quintet called The San Miguel Five, performing a mix of Latin and Gypsy jazz and standards, to exceptional acclaim.
Severinsen’s accomplishments began in his hometown of Arlington, Oregon, population: 600. Carl H Severinsen was born on July 7th, 1927, and was nicknamed “Little Doc” after his father, Dr. Carl Severinsen a dentist. Little Doc had originally wanted to play the trombone. But Doc Sr., a gifted amateur violinist, urged him to follow in his father’s footsteps. The Doc Jr. insisted on the trombone, which turned out to be unavailable in tiny Arlington’s music store.  And so, a trumpet it would be. A week later, with the help of his father and a manual of instructions, the seven-year-old was so good that he was invited to join the high school band. At the age of twelve, Little Doc won the Music Educator’s National Contest and, while still in high school, was hired to go on the road with the famous Ted Fio Rito Orchestra.  However, his stay with the group was cut short by the draft. He served in the Army during World War II and following his discharge, landed a spot with the Charlie Barnett Band. When this band broke up, Severinsen toured with the Tommy Dorsey, then, the Benny Goodman bands in the late 40′s.

After his days with Barnett and Dorsey, Doc arrived in New York City in 1949 to become a staff musician for NBC. After years of playing with NBC’s many studio bands, Doc was invited to play a gig in the highly respected Tonight Show Band.  The band leader at the time, Skitch Henderson, asked him to join that band in 1962 in the first trumpet chair. Five years later, Doc became the Music Director for The Tonight Show and the rest is history.  His loyalty to Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon never faltered, and the warm camaraderie between the three was an enormous part of the show’s success.  When Johnny decided to retire from The Tonight Show, Doc and Ed said their goodbyes as well.  Of course, free from the nightly grind of the TV studio, Doc Severinsen had far more time to expand his musical horizons and continues to keep an extensive touring schedule.

In addition to his Big Band and San Miguel 5 appearances, Doc continues to perform with symphony orchestras all over the country and has been Principal Pops Conductor with the Phoenix Symphony, the Milwaukee Symphony, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Colorado Symphony, the Pacific Symphony and the Buffalo Philharmonic.

Doc performs on a S.E. Shires Severinsen Destino III, a trumpet he developed with Steve Shires and the S.E. Shires Company in Massachusetts.  The factory has 25 craftsmen who are professional, working brass players and totally understand what is involved in making great brass instruments.  The S.E. Shires Company features a line of trumpets that includes the S.E. Shires Severinsen Destino III which was developed through Doc’s supervision until his exacting standards of quality and sound were achieved.  Doc continues to make regular visits to the factory.

Today, Doc has not lost his flair for the outrageous fashion statement or his trademark wit. But his gregarious nature has never interfered with the fact that he has been one of the greatest trumpeters and musicians of the last 60 years, respected in the worlds of classical music, jazz, big band, and now even world music.  In the end, Doc Severinsen has transcended his celebrity, and rejoiced in his remarkable ability to simply play his trumpet as well as he can.  Which has proven to be good enough for the millions of people who count themselves his fans.



It was a vision of musical stardom as a Detroit teen that inspired Mary Wilson, along with Diana Ross and Florence Ballard, to found one of the most successful female singing groups in recording history – The Supremes.  Since then, Wilson has gone on to be a part of dozens of hit records, has written a best-selling autobiography, performed on stage and screen, lectured and toured the world, and continues to be looked up to as a singer who set the standard for females in the recording industry.

This past summer, Wilson performed a number of consecutive shows at Feinstein’s at the Regency, New York’s premiere supper club.  In her “Mary Wilson: Up Close” show, she wowed audiences with an intimate selection of standards and easy-listening tunes that showcased her smoky voice and vocal prowess.  Wilson closed the season at the prestigious nightclub, which The New York Post called “an invaluable New York institution,” and will continue another in-demand series of performances at the Empire Plush Room at the York Hotel in San Francisco from December 4th-16th.

As an original Supreme, Wilson was a much sought-after interview regarding the award-winning film DREAMGIRLS, currently on DVD.  After covering the red carpet premiere for “Extra,” she endeared herself to a whole new generation of Hollywood stars and fans alike, including Golden Globe winners Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson, as well as Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg!  The success of DREAMGIRLS has also rekindled interest in Wilson’s best-selling autobiography, Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme.

In addition to her tireless performing and trips to the studio to record her new album, Wilson, along with The Vocal Group Hall of Fame and Friends Against Musical Exploitation, is lobbying state governments to pass a bill prohibiting bogus musical groups from cashing in on the names and likeness of such famous acts as The Supremes, The Platters and The Four Tops.  Wilson and company have proposed an amendment to the Truth in Advertising Act (1968) that would prevent such groups from performing under such classic bands’ names unless they contained an original member or had specific licenses to do so.  To date, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, the Dakotas, Illinois, Nevada, and Texas have passed the bill in landslide majorities.  Wilson’s goal is to garner enough state support (10 need to adopt the bill) to lobby Congress to pass a federal law.  “We have given America and the world happiness with our music; it’s time that we have a law that protects us and our legacy,” Wilson states.

Tireless in her contributions to charity and society at large, Wilson was recently named as a spokesperson for The Humpty Dumpty Institute’s initiative to raise public awareness about the worldwide scourge of landmines.  As HDI’s Mine Action Spokesperson, Wilson traveled to Sri Lanka and then Laos this past fall, visiting schools impacted by unexploded ordinance left over from the Vietnam War.  After helping to detonate 58 bombs and declaring safe zones, she held a charity concert in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  In addition, Wilson will adress the annual conference of the US Department of Agriculture on Food Security and in May will do another concert to kick off HDI’s Farmer Markets Program.  In early summer, she will travel to Vietnam and visit the mine action program.

Additionally, in 2003, Wilson was named a US Cultural Ambassador by US Secretary of State Colin Powell as part of the “Culture Connect” program, whose goal is to improve cross-cultural understanding internationally.  As such, she undertook missions to Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Asia and South America on behalf of the US Department of State.  Wilson was also recently awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Paine College in Augusta, GA.

While growing up in Detroit’s Brewster Projects, a young Mary Wilson had long fantasized about being a performer, her love for singing having blossomed when she befriended Florence Ballard, Betty McGlown and Diane Ross at age 13. Fueled by their mutual love of music and their ambition for stardom, the quartet formed a singing group, The Primettes, and became the sister group of The Primes, who saw two members go on to form The Tempations. When Betty left the group to get married, the girls recruited Barbara Martin. Together they auditioned for then fledgling Motown label and were eventually signed. Barbara dropped out of the group, and the remaining trio of Mary, Flo and Diane became known as The Supremes.

At first, success eluded the girls, who recorded several albums before getting their first hit. In fact, they were dubbed the “No-Hit Supremes” until Motown founder Berry Gordy put them in touch with his top writing and producing team, Holland-Dozier-Holland. Four decades and 40 albums later, what once started as a dream has exceeded beyond Wilson’s wildest imagination. With an unprecedented 12 number-one hits, including five in a row – “Where Did Our Love Go,” “Baby Love,” “Stop, In The Name Of Love,” and “Back in My Arms Again” – The Supremes set the precedent for super group success.

Wilson worked hard to keep the dream alive even after Florence and Diana left the group. In 1970, Berry Gordy brought in Jean Terrell to replace Ross, with Cindy Birdsong having replaced Florence Ballard.  Together, they formed The New Supremes, racking up three top 10 hits [“Up The Ladder To The Roof”, “Stoned Love”, and “River Deep, Mountain High” (with the Four Tops)].

In 1977, Mary knew it was time for her to pursue her own dream; Motown released Mary’s first solo album, “Mary Wilson,” which yielded the dance hit, “Red Hot,” in 1979.  In 1992, Wilson released her first album in thirteen years, “Walk the Line,” which produced the single “One Night With You.” To this day Wilson continues to tour under the moniker of Mary Wilson of The Original Supremes, and has performed for handfuls of celebrities and politicians all over the world, including The Clintons at The White House.

Fans of Wilson can hear her smoky voice in the latest Supremes collection, Diana Ross & The Supremes:  The No.1s, re-mastered original recordings of their chart-topping hits.  With 24 tracks spanning 18 years of The Supremes sound, the album includes hits from the many reincarnations of the group including the original Supremes, Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Supremes post-Ross.

Throughout the late 70s and 80s, Mary hit the lecture circuit to tell her amazing story. She still lectures to this day, her “Dare To Dream” circuit including such organizations at American Cancer Society, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, UNICEF and many more.  Wilson eventually put her story to print, becoming a best-selling author with her autobiography, Dreamgirl…My Life As A Supreme. Dreamgirl went on to sell over 250,000 copies in hardback, becoming one of the most successful rock and roll autobiographies of all time.

The overwhelming success of that first book prompted Wilson to pen its sequel, Supreme Faith…Someday We’ll Be Together. Currently, The Complete Works by Mary Wilson combines the first two books with additional chapters added.

Throughout her career, Mary has enjoyed spreading her creative wings in other areas, although music remains her primary focus. Mary is the only original Supreme to undertake the challenge of legitimate theatre, making her stage debut in 1988 with “Beehive,” a musical tribute to the female groups of the 60s. Most recently, Wilson starred in a national tour of “Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies,” the celebrated tribute to the music of the legendary jazz great. Her other theatre credits include “Leader of the Pack,” about the life of the songwriter Elly Greenwich, and numerous off-Broadway shows including “Mother’s Hubbard,” “Idealla’s Soul Shack,” “The Vagina Monologues” at the Detroit Opera House and “Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral,” where respected columnist Liz Smith proclaimed: “Mary Wilson, the sexiest and most attractive of the three original Supremes, a true survivor, makes her off-Broadway debut!” Wilson’s film credits include Disney’s TIGERTOWN, the documentaries BROWN SUGAR and THE GIRL GROUPS, and Lifetime Networks’ made for television movie, JACKIE’S BACK.

In addition to a stint as a guest judge on the FOX hit “American Juniors” and performing for ABC’s “Motown 45th Anniversary Special,” Wilson was last seen in Miramax’s ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE, a documentary that catches up with the soul music stars of the 60s and 70s. Of Wilson in ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE, the Los Angeles Times said “Mary Wilson remains strikingly attractive and a vibrant singer of much style and authority; Wilson may have been a backup singer with the Supremes but is in truth a lead singer with a star quality never fully recognized.”

Throughout her career, Mary Wilson has had the privilege and pleasure of performing all over the world. Many of her performances with The Supremes were requested by royalty, such as for Britain’s Queen Mother as well as for the King of Sweden.  In 2000, Wilson had the prestigious honor of performing at the White House for the Millennium Celebration as well as two inaugural dinners held in President Bush’s honor.

A tireless humanitarian, Mary was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award by the National Foundation of Women Legislators and asked to join the Delegation of Woman Legislators. Wilson also participated in a Trade and Civil Life Conference in Bahrain with many of the kingdom’s highest officials, hosted by the Prince and Prime Minister of Bahrain. The Free Trade Bill between the US and Bahrain remains a project that Wilson is very proud to have been a part of. Wilson has also visited the African nations of Mozambique and Botswana, where she spoke with thousands of children on the dangers of HIV and AIDS.

In 1988, The Supremes were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, receiving the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, which Wilson personally accepted. Seven years later, the Hall launched an exhibit of the “Supremes” gowns for the museum’s opening in Cleveland, Ohio called The Supremes Reflections: The Mary Wilson Supreme Legacy Collection. Wilson had been personally archiving the gowns for years before the exhibit, and was the natural choice for curator.  The Mary Wilson Supreme Legacy Collection, including the Butterfly dresses worn on their 1968 television special, is currently on tour, opening at the following museums:  the Grand Rapids Public Museum in Michigan (Nov 4th, 2007) and The Theatre Museum in London (May 12th, 2008).  The collection has appeared at the New York State Museum in Albany, The LBJ Museum in Austin, The Museum of Metropolitan Art in New York, and The Detroit Historical Museum to name a few.

With a successful solo career – and new CD out later this year – an equally successful literary career and her tireless humanitarian efforts, Mary’s future couldn’t look brighter. She is living proof that dreams really do come true!

For more on Mary Wilson, please visit www.marywilson.com


The Vegas Soulcialite Loves the Red, White and Blue

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The man in charge, Nick Brown will always make sure you're having a good time.

The man in charge, Nick Brown will always make sure you’re having a good time.


Memorial Day is one of my favorite holiday weekends. Maybe it’s because I’m so patriotic—I do vote and I love a man in uniform. Or, it could just be that I love barbeque—which you already know, and lounging around the pool….whatever it is, I love it.

So besides hanging out on an inflatable raft eating burgers and potato salad all weekend, I plan to spend a little time tonight at one of my favorite supper clubs, Bagatelle inside the Tropicana. I’ve written about it before, but now that it’s pool season, the doors from the dance floor are open so let the splashing begin.

One of my favorite DJ’s at the station, DJ THUMP will be spinning there tonight for Power 88’s first official appearance at Bagatelle. We are hosting a special Memorial weekend party with 2-1 drink specials <—you know that part was my idea.

The pool area is beautiful and there’s an outdoor dining area with a full menu. Everything I’ve tried has been fantastic. The Shrimp quesadillas are served with this lovely green sauce for dipping that is just yummy. The calamari is golden and crispy, and includes both the rings and tentacles, which I love. I hate when you only get the rings…

Doors open at 9pm. Locals are free before Midnight.

Hope to see all of you there!

Cheers to America!


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