Black Radio Today!

About 94% of Black consumers age 12 and over listen to the radio each week at home, work, in the car, or on the go. Regardless of age, time of day, or location, radio is a reliable media companion of Black consumers.

Welcome to Black Radio Today 2012—an up-to-date look at radio formats consumed by Black audiences during the Fall 2011.

PPM surveys: Urban Adult Contemporary, Urban Contemporary, Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio, Adult Contemporary, News/Talk/Information, Gospel, Pop Contemporary Hit Radio, All Sports, All News, Classic Hits, and Religious.

Black Radio Today 2012 uses Arbitron and Scarborough research to develop a profile of radio listening by Black consumers across America, gathered from thousands of respondents in each of the services.

You’ll find valuable insights on the enduring relationship between radio and Black listeners around the country.


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