5 awesome things to do for her on Valentines Day!

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Here are 5 awesome things to do for her on Valentines Day that will set you apart from the rest!

1) If you are going to go the candy/cookie route then at least put some thought into it. Have something made with your names and/or pictures on it. A photograph of the two of you embracing can be put on food grade transfer paper and placed on a Valentines Day chocolate heart, cookies, cupcakes, just about anything!

Go to Etsy and this search will bring up many people who can get you the transfer to put on your desired Valentines Day treats.

2) If you want to impress on Valentines Day – go big! Plan an outdoor event, even a walk at the beach or park will do, and knock her socks off! Take a look at this article for step by step instructions on costs and how to carry it out.

Don’t have that kind of money? Stomp out your lovey-dovey Valentines Day message on newly fallen snow somewhere for her. Her (or your) front yard will do! You get the same effect for only an investment of your time, and you will still be earning Valentines Day points!

3) Some times the best Valentines Day gift you can give a woman is to make a big fuss over her in front of people who mean a lot to her. Family, girlfriends, coworkers, any of the above qualify! A nice idea is to fill her office with Valentines Day balloons. It is especially impressive if she is in a glassed in room. You can even arrange to be found waiting at her desk after she pops all the balloons. Of course, to earn points you have to manage to NOT get her fired! Make sure to check with her boss before you attempt something like this at her work!

If the work thing doesn’t pan out you can fill her car, her bedroom, her bathroom, her locker at the gym, be creative. Enlisting the help of her girlfriends or family can help you find the best spot for your Valentines Day balloon ambush.

4) Going the dinner and a movie route on Valentines Day but want to kick it up a notch? The most romantic Valentines Day I ever had was when my date took me to a nice Inn for dinner. What made it special was that he also arranged to have several dozen flowers delivered to me table side followed by a violinist.

Remember what I said about making a fuss over her on Valentines Day in front of people who mean a lot to her? Well strangers are just as good some times! Every woman in the room will wish they were her and every other man will hate you for showing them up on Valentines Day!

5) If you know the night is going to end with you removing your clothes there is another awesome Valentines Day idea you can try. Write all over your body (you can have someone help) with body pants, temporary tattoos, or even henna. Write her name, draw hearts, point arrows at spots of interest – just get creative! Imagine her surprise when you turn into her own custom Valentines Day card right before her eyes!

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